Pre-orders are now available online for our new record. Why pre-order our new record? We’ve packaged our new cd with exclusive (pre-order only) bonuses like an Abandon Kansas air freshener for your car, an Ad Astra Per Aspera shirt, and a package of postcards featuring 3 paintings by Brad Foster from the album artwork.


1. Heaven Come My Way

2. Liar

3. Like It Or Not

4. The Golden State

5. A Conversation With The Sky

6. Where Else Can We Go?

7. Take My Lead

8. Fear of Heights

9. Learn

10. Give And Take

Ad Astra Per Aspera is Latin for “to the stars through difficulty” and is the Kansas state motto. This is a concept record produced by Mark Townsend in the summer of 2010. Nearly every song mentions the stars or sky or heaven and paints the picture of a journey to the ultimate goal despite adversity. This is a story about where we are headed, without forgetting where we came from. The cover painting is a

n adaptation of the Kansas state flag and brings the songs to life. You can hear two tracks off AAPA now Heaven Come My Way and The Golden State. A big announcement is coming next week (Feb 8th) tune in then! Are you on Tumblr? Follow Chet as he keeps you posted on the lighter side of life in Abandon Kansas

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Check out either of these pre-order packages on the Gotee webstore. You won’t be able to get this shirt, air freshener or postcards anywhere else, so order yours now while supplies last!


Jeremy / Abandon Kansas