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Amazon offers FREE Abandon Kansas EP

A free Abandon Kansas EP is up on Amazon right now courtesy of Amazonmp3, Gotee Records, and us four guys here in Abandon Kansas. No need to feel guilty downloading, because we’re giving these four songs away!

This EP features two songs from our new full length coming in March, Ad Astra Per Aspera (Heaven Come My Way, The Golden State) and two songs from our previous EP We’re All Going Somewhere (Months and Years, Close Your Eyes).

FREE EP w/ 4 songs

FREE EP w/ 4 songs + 2 music videos

Once you download the EP, leave a review with your thoughts on the new songs. Months and Years and Close Your Eyes are not on the new record. Ad Astra Per Aspera comes out on Tuesday March 8th. Enjoy this preview!

Much love

Abandon Kansas

Ad Astra Per Aspera (Album Info)

Pre-orders are now available online for our new record. Why pre-order our new record? We’ve packaged our new cd with exclusive (pre-order only) bonuses like an Abandon Kansas air freshener for your car, an Ad Astra Per Aspera shirt, and a package of postcards featuring 3 paintings by Brad Foster from the album artwork.


1. Heaven Come My Way

2. Liar

3. Like It Or Not

4. The Golden State

5. A Conversation With The Sky

6. Where Else Can We Go?

7. Take My Lead

8. Fear of Heights

9. Learn

10. Give And Take

Ad Astra Per Aspera is Latin for “to the stars through difficulty” and is the Kansas state motto. This is a concept record produced by Mark Townsend in the summer of 2010. Nearly every song mentions the stars or sky or heaven and paints the picture of a journey to the ultimate goal despite adversity. This is a story about where we are headed, without forgetting where we came from. The cover painting is a

n adaptation of the Kansas state flag and brings the songs to life. You can hear two tracks off AAPA now Heaven Come My Way and The Golden State. A big announcement is coming next week (Feb 8th) tune in then! Are you on Tumblr? Follow Chet as he keeps you posted on the lighter side of life in Abandon Kansas

Youcan also follow my blog here

Check out either of these pre-order packages on the Gotee webstore. You won’t be able to get this shirt, air freshener or postcards anywhere else, so order yours now while supplies last!


Jeremy / Abandon Kansas

Ad Astra Per Aspera (cover painting)

This is the cover artwork for Ad Astra Per Aspera hand painted/drawn by our very own Brad Foster and his lovely and talented girlfriend Hannah Scott. Click on the image to view a larger version.

New single “Heaven Come My Way” posted

A new single from Ad Astra Per Aspera has been posted online for your ears to enjoy. This is track one off the new record and the YouTube video features one of six paintings by our very own Brad Foster did for the album artwork.

Listen on Facebook or Myspace or view this video:

Release tour first leg support bands announced

Here’s the tour poster for the first leg of our record release tour:


Poster design by Stephen Floyd
Image taken by Tim Dodd Photography


Today Relevant Magazine posted their latest podcast featuring two acoustic performances of Close Your Eyes and The Golden State. Jeremy stopped by Relevant’s offices in Orlando on The Living Room Tour II in December.  You can hear the podcast on Relevant’s website or through iTunes. If you’d rather not sit through the podcast you can hear both songs, plus a bonus acoustic version of Heaven Come My Way on Relevant’s website HERE

In other news, we are currently home from tour working on production for the record release tour, rehearsing, booking, and enjoying some much needed time off the road. We will be announcing the first leg of our record release tour next week, so keep on the look out for those dates. We’ll also be announcing the bands that are supporting us and possibly our set list for the tour.

Have a website/blog of your own? If you’d like you can post this banner and let people know you’re looking forward to Ad Astra Per Aspera. Pre-order info is coming in just a few weeks!

There are some great videos from The Living Room Tour Jeremy did back in December. Here’s a few:
Close Your Eyes:
The Earth Falls Asleep:
The Golden State:

Jeremy has posted Part 1 of a series of stories behind the songs from “We’re All Going Somewhere” and you can follow those on his blog

Feel free to keep in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, and of course right here on our website. We always reply!


Abandon Kansas

Looking ahead to 2011

Hey friends

I’m wrapping up this acoustic tour, The Living Room Tour 2, and thought I would update you all on all things Abandon Kansas. There are still a few dates of this acoustic tour left though, and I’m adding a week in Oklahoma, just check the dates here on our website.

Many of you probably noticed that Nick Patrick is no longer playing with Abandon Kansas. Back in May of this year he stepped down from the band to head back to school and work. We spend the majority of the year on the road and Nick just didn’t feel like he had the passion for living that kind of life anymore. We’re still buddies with Nick, and you can catch him around Wichita playing with Don’t Give Up The Ship.

Meet Chet:

Chet filled in for us on a tour with Everyday Sunday this fall and officially joined us during our tour out west with House of Heroes and The Classic Crime. We went through a lineup change right before we went into the studio and Chet stepped in last minute and totally rose to the challenge. He learned all of our new songs and killed it in the studio. You’re going to love the bass lines on the new record! Chet is easily the nicest person in Abandon Kansas, probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met. Get to know him. You can follow him on twitter: @chetkueffer

We had a fantastic 2010 on the road. Thank you all for coming to shows and buying our shirts and cds and just being wonderful to us. We played more festivals this year than we ever have before and we had a blast! We toured with Children 18:3, Windsor Drive, Run Kid Run, Everyday Sunday, Kiros, The Classic Crime and House of Heroes. We release music videos for Close Your Eyes, The Golden State, and I Wonder If It’s Me. We bought a new van, got a new lineup, and recorded a brand new full length record that we can’t wait to get into your hands. We went to Ecuador with Compassion International and Brian got to meet the kid he sponsors. This was an epic year to say the least, here’s to 2011!

Pre-orders for the new record are coming in just a few weeks! Until then you can get We’re All Going Somewhere for $3.99 and The Golden State EP for $1.49 on iTunes and Amazon mp3. This month you can download our version of “O Come All Ye Faithful” for FREE along with some other great Christmas songs right HERE

Do some Christmas shopping HERE:

Love ya’ll

Winter Update

Hey folks! Hope you’re Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s are some of the best yet!

We’re taking some time off the road until March to prepare for the release of our new full length record, Ad Astra Per Aspera. Over the last year and a half we have been on tour non-stop, except the five weeks we were in the studio this summer, and it’s time for a much needed break. You guys were so supportive of the songs from We’re All Going Somewhere and we had a blast sharing them with you every night.

Ad Astra Per Aspera comes out in just a couple months and we couldn’t be more excited to get it in your hands! The cd is done, it’s been done for two months, and I’ve been finding even more little nuances I love about it. We made a beautiful piece of music this summer and Brad painted an epic piece to visually enhance the project on the cover of the cd. There will be pre-order info going up online soon with some rad package deals, so make sure you keep checking back on the site.

For now you can keep in touch with us via the “Ask AK” section of our website or on Jeremy is out on the road right now doing a solo acoustic tour called The Living Room Tour. The dates are listed in the “Tour” section of the site and you can follow his blog here:

We are doing a two month national headlining tour in support of Ad Astra Per Aspera in March and April. Date, support bands, and details will be posted in the near future. We’re going out of our way to make this tour a special experience for you, you have to be at the show closest to you!

Abandon Kansas

The Living Room Tour II

This post was taken directly from Jeremy’s blog:

Two years ago I loaded up in the van with my good buddy Tyler Clarensau and two acoustic guitars and played three weeks worth of acoustic shows at people’s houses across the country. We called it The Living Room Tour.

Abandon Kansas is taking some time off the road from December through February gearing up for our next full-length release “Ad Astra Per Aspera” early March. I’d like to see what the response would be to The Living Room Tour II. Would you come?

Basically in the month of December I would like to sit in your living room and share some music with an acoustic guitar. I’ll be playing Abandon Kansas songs from past releases and the new record, and of course some Christmas tunes. I also intend on sharing stories from my trip to Ecuador and some stories behind the songs I’ve written. No lights, no sound system, no microphones and no lines outside in the cold. Picture a laid-back house party vibe with plenty of hot beverages, warm sweaters, and a circle of friends telling stories and singing songs.

I am looking to play a lot of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas. If this first leg of the tour goes well, maybe I’ll add an east coast and west coast leg in January, who knows? That’s up to you.

If you are interested in hosting a small acoustic concert and have a living room, or a dorm hall lobby, or a small coffee shop, or some space where 25-30 people can gather and listen to music then email me here: Please include your name, location, and what sort of night you have in mind. This tour is totally up to you, because I can’t really make this happen by myself. I’m okay with spending December at home with my family, but if you guys are down, I’m down. Let’s make it happen!

The Golden State EP

The Golden State EP comes out Tuesday November 2nd on iTunes and AmazonMp3. For $0.99 you will get two songs, “The Golden State” and a special acoustic/piano version of “Close Your Eyes” featuring Stephanie Smith. You can also purchase the official music video for The Golden State on iTunes and AmazonMp3. This version of Close Your Eyes is an exclusive release and will not be found on our next full length record.

The Golden State is the first single off of our new full length release “Ad Astra Per Aspera” hitting stores in early 2011. Keep watching our website for more updates on the songs, artwork, and release date for our new record. We’ll be sharing inside information exclusively on our website, but you’ll have to pay attention! We are so proud of of this record and want all of you to hear it. Ad Astra Per Aspera is Latin for “to the stars through difficulty” and is also the Kansas state motto. This record is about where we are headed without forgetting where we came from. For now, dive into The Golden State EP with us!

Here’s the link to AmazonMp3