Welcome King Human! to my world where I  take what you are teaching us in June and try and turn $50 a day by August 1st.

June 1st: Watched intro video for June and first tutorial course. Purchased myleadgensecret $60 and sent email. Plan is to send emails to Clickbank offers.

June 2nd:  Sent  myleadgensecret second email. Off to watch The 100% Zero Cost, EASY Income Model.  Okay I watched the 2 videos and have no idea how to do this. My goal is to put each one of King Humans courses to work. I have to think on this awhile.  

June 3rd: Sent  myleadgensecret third email. All I am doing with these emails is starting at the top of Clickbank with the first offer and sending out a email for that product. I do a new product each day. I know it is a shot in the dark. All day it has been in the back of my mind how to do the youtube thing. Still lost.

June 4th: Sent  myleadgensecret fourth email. Figured out how to set up a Youtube channel. Named it Old School Haze. Actually got first video uploaded I think.

June 5th: Sent  myleadgensecret fifth email. Uploaded second Youtube video.

June 6th: Sent  myleadgensecret sixth email. Uploaded third Youtube video.  Downloaded course book Social Platform Income Paradigm and have started going through it.

June 8th: Sent  myleadgensecret sixth email. Uploaded forth Youtube video.  Have been gone a couple of days dealing with issues of elderly parents. Still going through Social Platform Income Paradigm

June 9th: Sent  myleadgensecret 7th email. Uploaded 4th & 5th Youtube video. Not sure if 5th video took. (It took)  Watched the 2 videos on The Viral Video Tool That Makes You Money On Demand. Have no idea how to implement it.

June 10th: Sent  myleadgensecret 8th email. Uploaded 6th  Youtube video. Small victories. Got my Youtube account verified and learned how to create custom thumbnails. Still going through Social Platform Income Paradigm-confusing to me.

June 13th: Sent  myleadgensecret 9th email. Uploaded 7th &8th Youtube videos.

June14th: leadgensecret is down-can’t email. Uploaded 9th  Youtube video.

June15th: Sent  myleadgensecret 10th email. Uploaded 10th  Youtube video.

June16th: Sent  myleadgensecret 11th email. Uploaded 11th  Youtube video.  Learned how to name my Youtube videos. Had just been uploading them with the title of the file. AsBoysGr1957_256kb.rm no views. Changed title to “Masturbation and Wet Dreams in the 1950″s and got 20 views in about an hour.  Found the exact same video as I uploaded titled ” 1957 – As Boys Grow – Educational Film on Puberty (funny) with 350,344 over 9 years. Not sure how it gets that many views.

June17th: Sent  myleadgensecret 12th email. Worked on changing names of Youtube videos.

June19th: Sent  myleadgensecret 13th email. Worked on changing names of Youtube videos.

June20th: Sent  myleadgensecret 14th email. Worked on changing names of Youtube videos.

June21th: Sent  myleadgensecret 15th email. Worked on changing names of Youtube videos.

June22nd: Uploaded 12th  Youtube video.

June24th: Sent  myleadgensecret 16th email. Uploaded 13th  Youtube video.

June26th: Sent  myleadgensecret 17th email. Working for the man. Not sure how much I’ll get done this week.

June28th: Sent  myleadgensecret 18th email. Uploaded 14th  Youtube video.





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